At co-society, we keep inventing tools that foster collaboration between companies.

The most successful so far has been the one we call «co-poker»

Background of the game:

Nobody plays against each other. All work together to combine the assets and build together on the solution for the participating companies.

The principle behind it is that you look at what people can do (their assets), because these are important for possible collaboration and synergies. Hence, focus is not on what you do (portfolio of products) but on what you can do (capabilities/ what you are good at). For example: don’t tell what you sell in Africa, but that you do sell in Africa (hence have good knowledge on the local distribution network). A manufacturer of furniture might be of interest because of its database of designers.

The more asset-cards will from one company put on the table, the more reason the owner of the problem-card will have to talk to them. The game is a systematic way to predict/determine conversations that should be taken.

This is not science. It is an approach on how collaborating in a systematic way could bring insight that would not appear in a normal way. The game will help to make unlikely connections.