VERNE: Tools to innovate

in Talks.

Verne is a workshop aimed at learning how to become innovative in just one day. It’s the result of 15 years of experience in helping all kinds of businesses and organisations to develop their innovation culture and innovation processes....

Radical is Normal

in Talks.

The topics covered in this seminar are: examples of radical changes that appear quite normal; how value chains are changing; what is meant by innovation; the central position of the idea of value in innovation; problem-solving as an opportunity,...


in Talks.

This seminar shows dozens of examples of the what, how and why of collaborative innovation in business, backed with the supplementary text The Solution Begins With Co, that describes 50 ideas on why and how the world, and especially the world of...

25/50: Dos generaciones, un mismo tiempo (2011)

in Books.

(in Spanish) A graphical book that I had the pleasure to write with Berta Segura. We engaged around 100 people, belonging to our different generations, and we asked them to define their thoughts across 7 words: passion, work, style, love, future...

Visionomics (2010) (English Version)

in Books.

50 graphical ideas about relevant changes experienced by present organizations....

Models come up from the wrinkles of the mind

in Understanding the World.

I don't know how, but every time I work on a project, I can't go on until a "model" comes up from the deep structure of my mind. It is a process that I can't control. I either see it or else. I have friends that claim to be absolutely unable to ...

The fundamental equation of the information society

in Ideas.

The achievement of an information economy does not guarantee the automatic development of an information society. You may have an apparently powerful information economy, i.e. an industry with a developed fabric of digital businesses that clearl...

The future is co-

in Collaborative advantage.

The future of business is collaboration. The future of capitalism is co-capitalism. The problem is that we don’t know...

Our ecosystem

in Collaborative advantage.

Many smart people around us do multiply the value of our projects....


in Understanding the World.

La infoxicación es el exceso de información. Es estar siempre "on", recibir centenares de informaciones cada día, a las que no puedes dedicar tiempo....

What innovation really is?

in Innovation Management.

Innovation is about generating ideas that are convertible into a product, service or process that would add value to customers and society, so as to achieve results (economic and social ) sustainable over time....

Hybridate everything

in Ideas.

It is easier to create new products or services with the combination, or hybridisation, of pre-existing ones, than to try to imagine breakthrough concepts....

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  • Our Verne model in Japan

    Our value proposal referring our innovation model, Verne, aimed at targetting Japanese organizations, with Phoenix Consulting

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    The etymology of the word client comes from incline, or to bow, as a shop assistant will serve a customer, and from cliere, to esteem. These two meanings correspond with the two traditional and opposing definitions: somebody who serves and someb...

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    A visual abstract of my presentation on circular economy at Comertia annual meeting in Barcelona, November 9th 2016.

    Drawn by Maria Calvet.

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