Models come up from the wrinkles of the mind

Models come up from the wrinkles of the mind

I don’t know how, but every time I work on a project, I can’t go on until a «model» comes up from the deep structure of my mind. It is a process that I can’t control. I either see it or else. I have friends that claim to be absolutely unable to understand my graphics. But to my mind, there is no solution to a problem or situation unless there is a mind model that could be «played» by the graphics.

Books like The back of the napkin, by Dan Roam, sort of try to train you on graphic making… but I wonder whether «understanding the world» throughs models and graphics is something you can learn. Ok, you can grasp them… But you have to «see» the World in images and models if you wanna come up with relevant mind maps.

There is an extreme need for a standardized «visual language» in the World. The hero that brings it to life will be very wellcome.


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