Ideas Meet Markets

Ideas Meet Markets

I think it was Alfred Whitehead that said that a typical problem of society is that people with ideas had no money, and people with money had no ideas. It goes without saying that the sentence could have been invented to be applied to companies rather than to people.

Currently, companies with well established markets tend not to have great, disruptive ideas, while startups, hardly with a customer, have lots of breakthroughs waiting for a market to appear.

May be that is the reason why a lot of corporations are starting their own «corporate garage» («the seminal article»: The new corporate garage, by Scott D. Anthony), or incubator. In an way, every large company should get a bunch of startups «orbiting around» it: fresh ideas, rapidly developed, that could be tested in the already existing markets.

We really believe that there is a need for new mechanisms to connect companies to startups, around ideas and markets: startups that have new ideas connect to companies that have markets. Therefore, their assets are different, and the combination of them make a lot of sense.

In this sense, in the context of our project co-society, we organized an event to facilitate such connections: Idea Meet Markets.

See the leaflet.

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