Entrepreneurs: solve problems!

Entrepreneurs: solve problems!

The entrepreneurial approach works best when it focuses on solving problems well
identified. Because problem solving provides clear value to the user or customer, who
perceives it and is willing to use the product or service and to pay for it.

The problem with problems is that, curiously enough, we do NOT see them as
problems: often we get so used to them, we live with them on a daily basis, and we tend to think that there are NO

We abdicate from lookinf for solutions, and we do not think of them
as something that could be solved until someone brings a practical solution.

Therefore, a critical asset of every entrepreneur is to be able to detect problems and
to see what others do not see, and be resilient not to give up in trying to solve it. The entrepreneur committed
to solve a problem challenges him/herself to attack it from different perspectives,
and, to demonstrate that it finally was a normal( problem) with a working solution.

In fact, many of the great innovations of history have consisted on solving a problem
in such a simple way that people afterwards wonder why no one had seen it before.

There are great challenges in the years ahead. We need to focus on «hunting» or «mining» problems that could be solved: things with a very specific use,
such as robots used to taxi aircrafts on airport runways with a significative reduction on fuel consumption.

taxi planes