Books. These are the books I have written so far.

  • 30 ideas para el 2030

    30 ideas para el 2030 (Spanish version)(co-autor)

    Some thoughts about 30 critical ideas for 2030....


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    Libro físico 24€

    Libro digital Free

  • ganarse-la-libertad-alfons-cornella

    Ganarse la Libertad (2013)

    (in Spanish) (co-autora: Roser Batlle) En torno a 10 palabras inspiradoras, los autores establecen un diálogo en el que intercambian experiencias y reflexiones acerca de lo que significa ganarse la libertad. Parten de la premisa de que ser libr...

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    Libro físico 19 €

    Libro digital 10 €

  • verne-book-alfons-cornella

    VERNE: tools to inovate (2013)

    (in Spanish) Verne is a model to generate innovation processes in an organization. It arises as the result of 15 years of experience helping businesses and organizations of all kind to develop their innovation culture and innovation processes....

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    Libro físico 26€

    Libro digital Free

  • fascicles petit

    Curso de innovación empresarial (2012)

    (in Spanish) A collection of 12 booklets aimed at helping to learn how to innovate....

  • ideas-valor-resultados-alfons-cornella

    Ideas x Valor = Resultados (2013)

    (in Spanish) This text summarizes everything I know today about how the world’s best companies innovate. After reading many academic articles, case studies, companies’ examples, etc., I described what experts say today about what, where and...


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    Libro físico 25 €

    Libro digital Gratis

  • many petit

    MANY, MOLTS, MUCHOS (2012)

    (trilingual: Catalan, Spanish, English) A book of pictures and photos, with a common goal: depict a “school” of similar objects in a specific setting....

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    Libro físico 25€

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