Books. These are the books I have written so far.

  • ideas-valor-resultados-alfons-cornella

    Ideas x Valor = Resultados (2013)

    (in Spanish) This text summarizes everything I know today about how the world’s best companies innovate. After reading many academic articles, case studies, companies’ examples, etc., I described what experts say today about what, where and...


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  • many petit

    MANY, MOLTS, MUCHOS (2012)

    (trilingual: Catalan, Spanish, English) A book of pictures and photos, with a common goal: depict a “school” of similar objects in a specific setting....

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  • la solucion castella petit

    La soluciĂłn empieza por CO- (2012) (Spanish Version)

    Este libro recoge 50 ideas-ejemplo de porqué el mundo deviene un mundo co-. Como especie, o colaboramos o nos extinguimos, y como sociedad, también. Dispongámonos a ser testigos de una revolución de la que deberemos ser protagonistas. El cam...

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  • solution starts english petit

    The solution begins with CO- (2012) (English version)

    This book gathers 50 ideas and examples of why the world is becoming a co-world. As a species, we either collaborate or perish, and the same is true for societies. So let us prepare to witness a revolution in which we will be the protagonists. T...

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  • 25-50-alfons-cornella

    25/50: Dos generaciones, un mismo tiempo (2011)

    (in Spanish) A graphical book that I had the pleasure to write with Berta Segura. We engaged around 100 people, belonging to our different generations, and we asked them to define their thoughts across 7 words: passion, work, style, love, future...

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  • visionomics castella petit

    Visionomics (2010) (Spanish Version)

    (in Spanish) 50 ideas that show how organizations will change in the near future...

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